SALID Agriculture Nigeria Ltd is a fast growing agro company situated in the heart of West Africa with far reaching global business network. Strategically poised to produce best quality Shea nuts and Shea butter products to cater to the increasingly diverse needs of the various aspects of the Shea market. 


​At SALID, the focus is on sustainable rural wealth creation and economic development. We ensure that quality at all levels of the value chain is obtained, which is in turn essential to achieving sustainable growth in the industry. Therefore, our major priority is seeking out new ways of achieving best quality products through collaborative efforts.



To be the most dynamic company in the provision of sustainable platform for responsible rural wealth creation, through:

  • Investment in people

  • Investment in stakeholder satisfaction

  • Investment in climate smart agriculture


​SALID adopts good management practices and establish a fair trade culture that will create wealth for shareholders whilst ensuring corporate social responsibility to all stakeholders – employees, suppliers and the communities.


We are also committed to develop and promote a “Less for More” Concept among all the rings in our Value Chain:

  • Use less natural resources (energy, steam, water, raw materials) by achieving more efficiency in Production

  • Expend less Carbon Pollution to achieve more Energy, Steam and Organic Fertilizer - Gasification

  • Deploy our "Edutainment" concept to ensure efficient capacity building and to achieve strong and sustainable Shea women collectors' empowerment

  • Organise rural Shea collectors into groups in order to use less energy and water to achieve more production at the farm gate - Team Spirit



Sustainability and Diversity

SALID is rich in both cultural and professional diversity united by a vision of growth, development and environmental sustainability through sustainable agricultural practices and engineering.

At SALID Agriculture, we are aware of the concerns on sustainability of Shea and its products. This is why we're nipping the issue right from the bud by working closely with women groups, relevant government agencies, local and international organisations to empower women, create decent working environments and ensure sustainability right at the farm gate.

SALID's "Shea is She and She is Shea" project is centered around developing the farm-gate activities of the Shea Value Chain. The farm gate for the Shea value chain encompasses all the processes and activities that are involved in the production and procurement of Shea nuts.




​Quality is a key strategic advantage of SALID. We believe that obtaining quality Shea butter and oil starts with getting quality Shea nuts. This is why, at SALID, we consider the rural women who pick and prepare the Shea nuts as a veritable part of our quality plan. 


Management commitment to quality and customer satisfaction in all our markets go beyond corporate watch words, it represents our culture and is made even more clearer in our pursuit of continuous improvement and our adoption of best practices to ensure that best value is always delivered.