Employee Recruitment Services for SALID Agriculture Nigeria
Limited’s (SALID) 100MT/Day Shea Butter Manufacturing Plant


          1. Background/Origin and Nature of the Assignment:

 SALID Agriculture Nigeria Limited (hereinafter: “SALID”) is a limited liability company registered in Nigeria, establishing a premium shea butter extraction and processing plant with an intended processing capacity of 100MT of shea nuts per day (36,500MT/per annum). The venture would establish one of Nigeria's first large-scale shea nut crushing and processing plants at Kudu, Mokwa Local Government Area, Niger State, Nigeria.



Positioning as a significant international player in the global shea business, SALID is seeking to
retain a Recruitment Agency to deliver employee recruitment services for different jobs across the company’s business.

      2. Goals and Objective(s) of the Recruitment Assignment:

 Upon completion of the assignment, SALID would have, recommended to it by the appointed Recruitment Agency:

• Two (2) individuals for each Position/Job itemized for filling, ranked in order of proficiency

       3. Scope of Services, Tasks (Components), and Expected Deliverables:

Deliverables from the assignment must be both rooted and domesticated within Nigeria-specific employee recruitment realities as well as commanding of international quality with respect to execution and presentation.

A selected consulting firm would institute and deploy requisite skillsets, capacity, systems and
structures to, at a minimum:

3.1. Perform the following key activities as part of its mandate and deliverables:

• Advertise applicable Jobs/Positions (listing applicable jobs, draft advertisement
artwork/notice, Circulation/Placement of Recruitment Announcement);
• Track/Monitor Closing Date for submissions; Receive and collate submitted
Resumes; Conduct Aptitude Tests/First-Level interviews and Second-Level
interviews; Undertake verbal Reference checks and compile final shortlist for Client’s
• Organise/arrange Client interviews conducted by SALID’s Interview Panel and
shortlist final top-2 Candidates;
• Dispatch Employment Offer Letters & coordinate Acceptances, including Resumption
• Obtain Written References; and
• Specify Remediation Actions (for appointments subsequently adjudged

3.2. Proposed method of execution:
• The consultant would work offsite at its usual official premises; and

3.3. The mode of presentation of information for SALID’s benefit would be:
• Written Reports

4. Team Composition and Qualification Requirements for the Eligible Firm (and any other requirements which will be used for evaluating its Key Personnel):

 4.1 Interested eligible firms must meet the following minimum criteria:

• Work experience in employee recruitment in Nigeria on ;
• Demonstrable:

•Inherent knowledge of effective recruitment practices;
•Track record in this type of assignment;
•Amenability to Client review exercise or willingness to attend Client interview

4.2 List, brief biography, and Curriculum Vitae (CV) of proposed personnel to be deployed on
the project.

4.3 Key personnel requirements:

     4.3.1 Team Lead and his/her alternate must have at least:
           • Significant professional employee recruitment work experience (minimum of five (5)                  years).
           • Good [convincing] understanding of both the Agricultural and Manufacturing
            • Previous [convincing[ knowledge of the Shea sub-sector would be an added

For more details on the Expression of Interest and Terms of Reference, download the files below.