Overcoming the challenge of getting quality nuts

An army of sheep led by a lion can defeat an army of lions led by a sheep - African proverb

All the farm gate activities which include picking of Shea nuts from the wild and processing them into Shea kernels are soley carried out by women.

The quality and quantity of oil/butter that is obtained from processing the Shea nuts is directly proportional to the quality of Shea nuts being processed. The quality of Shea nuts in turn is directly proportional to the way it was pre-processed. The initial processing of the Shea nut involves seven critical steps: Picking the fruits, De-Pulping, Par-Boiling, Drying, De-Husking, re-Drying and Storage. All of these crucial processes are carried out by rural women.

This makes the Shea business to be termed as “Women Business”. SALID’s “Shea is She and She is Shea” project is aimed at developing the farm gate activities by enhancing the capacity of the women to pick more nuts from the wild and process them more efficiently into quality Shea nuts.


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