The SALID difference...

As all lizards lie flat on their stomach, how then can we determine the one that is suffering from stomach ache? - African proverb

There are Shea trees and there are Shea trees... there are people and there are people... There are businesses and there are businesses... there is the Shea industry and there is SALID! The difference has to do with distinguishing between conventional and exceptional. For instance, there are conventional Shea trees and there are exceptional Shea trees; you and I can find common grounds to agree that there are conventional people and there are excetpional people; similarly, there are conventional businesses and there are exceptional ones.

The SALID difference is a solid difference between conventional and exceptional when compared with the other players in the Nigerian space. Indeed, I make bold to say the stratification is just two layers... two sides of a coin... it is SALID and the rest!

What makes us different? Exactly how are we different?

O yeah! We operate our business with an utmost sense of responsibility, taking into account key concepts such as quality, sustainability and traceability.

Our "Shea is She and She is Shea" farm gate development model is an all-in-one project that ensures quality, sustainability and traceablility of Shea nuts.

Yes, this is what distinguishes us! You will be seeing more of our farm gate development activities as you continue to browse on our website.

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